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Our Products

PetCubes is Singapore’s No.1 fresh pet food.  Established in 2013, we evolved through failures and successes. Producing the freshest food for cancer-striken Jack Russell Terrier, Champagne, has always been the core principle of our company. Our founder, wants to share with his testimony of miracle with everyone around the world.

No, our products should not be re-cooked or heated in a microwave. To maintain the nutritional value, it’s important to serve PetCubes in its natural thawed state. If you put it through any heat process its going to eliminate all the benefits in our diet. The simple process to prepare PetCubes is to Thaw in a chiller, then Serve.

Store in the freezer and our expiry is 1 year from manufacturing date. Best before dates can be found on the sealed packaging. A thawed PetCubes diet can be kept in the fridge for up to two days. Once thawed, it should not be refrozen. Handle PetCubes just like how you would handle your own food, because our food is human grade.

You may refer to feeding guidelines for detailed illustrations. But we need to highlight that you must leave required feeding in a chiller for about 10-12 hours to thaw before feeding. Do not thaw it on a table at room temperature over 1-2 hours before feeding. Our products do not contain any preservatives nor salt, therefore it must be handled like human food.
Just like the food we eat, everything isn’t always identical. Our products are made in small batches using natural ingredients. And while there’s never any change in the formula or the ingredients we use, you may occasionally see variations between batches. The differences are safe and normal in a natural product like ours.
The only way our food would go bad is by the improper handling during transport, thawing or mishandling during prepration. Ensure that PetCubes is frozen when you receive it from our delivery buddy. Some signs that it has gone bad: Bloated packet and foul/very sour smell are the most obvious signs. As we use advanced packaging technology, our food remains fresh in the freezer for up to 1 year from production date. Ice crystals forming within the packet is a natural process, it does not affect the quality of the product in any way.

Customer Service

Our products are being retailed at several stores, do check out our list of resellers.
Our policy is simple, if your dog refuses PetCubes after rounds of trying, we will refund the balance amount left in your freezer. We will only charge a nominal of $8-$14 to arrange the pick-up. This is limited to a maximum of 14 days from the date of delivery for a full refund. Some flexibility to the return duration may be taken into consideration on a case to case basis. If you made your purchase from a third party reseller, this policy is only limited to purchase made on our website. Refer to the third party reseller for their return/exchange policy.
Yes, you can. Prices are absolutely reasonable. Reach us at to discuss.
We provide free delivery for orders above $90. By ordering 5 or less cases, you are only entitled to 1 free delivery. If you ordered 6 cases or more you are entitled to 2 free deliveries, you can select a 2nd delivery date as you make your purchase in our store. If you require additional delivery on top of whatever that is free, you will be charged a nominal of $10.

As you checkout, you may provide further instructions regarding your order under "comments"

Here's a guide:

1-5 cases= 1 free delivery

6-11cases=2 free deliveries

12-18 cases=3 free deliveries

We allow SAME DAY DELIVERY only if you make the order before 12pm. If you make your order after 12pm, we will arrange to have it sent the next working day.

Since establishment in 2013, we have not had any case of product recall by AVA Singapore. We follow strict HACCP standards in the production of our food.
We provide OEM manufacturing, product collaborations and raw produce supplies. If you are looking for a partnership, please contact us at