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Complete lamb

Complete - lamb

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Cooked lamb and offal 70% of total serving
Seasonal Fruits
Dietary Supplements
(Sea coral calcium, spirulina powder)
MSM, chondroitin,
glucosamine,pre &
pro-biotics, bee pollen
Salmon Oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil
Sweet Potato


Complete - lamb

Lamb is a great source of amino acids that builds muscles and B vitamins that stimulate metabolism. Lamb does have high fat content, much like beef, but it is all pasture grown, under good conditions, and the meat is of high quality. Lamb is also considered a “heating” meat, as sheep are native to cold climates. Becuase of this, some dogs many see some form of heat rash or skin irritation towards Lamb meat. We advise that dogs with IBD and Renal issues should avoid Lamb diet due to its high fat content.

Ingredients Lamb Meat, Lamb Heart, Lamb Lung, Lamb Liver, Lamb Tripe(unbleached), Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Broccoli, Organic Spinach, Sea Kelp, Goji Berry, Canteloupe, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Deep Sea Salmon Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Organic Spirulina, Alfalfa, Calcium Ascorbate, Organic Grounded Eggshells, Bee Pollen, Pro Biotics, Pre Biotics.
Nutrition Facts coming soon

wholesome, nutritious meal in raw form

fortified with super antioxidants

protein & nutients in a form that dogs consume in their natural environment

immediately packed & blast frozen to lock in freshness

stored at -25 degree celsius to kill parasites

ideal for dogs of all ages