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Kangaroo Ribs Chew

Kangaroo Ribs Chew

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Each packet contains 120g of pure kangaroo meat.

Made from 100% pure lean kangaroo meat which are sustainably sourced, Roo Chew promotes healthier gums and improved oral hygiene by preventing tartar build up, gingivitis and bad breath. The unique texture of Roo Chew will help remove the plaque residues and prevent the build-up of tartar on teeth. These delicious and natural dental chews also help prevent destructive chewing behaviour for dogs which like to chew out of curiosity, stress, or boredom.

Roo Chew is especially beneficial for teething puppies. Growing teeth cause pressure on the puppy’s gums and they will experience pain. Chewing helps relieve the pain and stimulate growing of the teeth from the gums. Great for dogs of all ages, from puppies to the seniors.

Ingredients 100% Kangaroo Meat Chew

Nutrition Facts Fat 2.7% Protein 86.6%